Eroticism is like cooking, sometimes we want a quick and piping hot dish to devour with passion and at other times a dish that gathers momentum and demands to be eaten slowly.

The Galley Club and La Maleta Roja teaches you via our workshops the principles of erotic cooking and play with the senses and sensations of pleasure. Both a practical cooking class and play space. We will emphasize the setting (lighting, decoration, smells …).

Each session lasts for three hours per day.

First Session:

Presentation of main aphrodisiac materials .
Preparation of appetizers and first courses.
L’Interdit tasting (Aphrodisiac wine).
Awaken your senses: Decoration elements and sensuous erotic cosmetics.

Second Session:

Staters or first courses.
Aphrodisiac dishes based on fish and/or seafood.
Chocolate in a Bottle (dessert wine).
Good Vibrations (the latest in remote control vibrators, touch sensitive, movement and voice activated …)

Third Session:

Aphrodisiac dishes based on fish and/or seafood.
Aphrodisiac dishes with meat.
Hibiscus infused cava tasting.
Discover and learn (bondage and games).

Fourth Session:

Aphrodisiac desserts.
Development of an aphrodisiac menu.
Belgian chocolate tasting.
Seduction and provocation (lingerie and costumes).

35 euros per session