This course is aimed at people interested in learning or developing the basic principles of cooking. We will learn techniques such as boiling, frying, baking, blanching, reducing, braising, griddling, grilling, wok etc ..
Vegetables, fruits, meat and fish available. Identification, freshness and handling for different cooking techniques. Sauces and desserts included.
In each class we will cover different methods of cooking by preparing various dishes so that you will feel comfortable and brave enough to try other recipes using the same techniques at home.

Day 1 – Vegetables and Pasta : Soup, garnishes, pasta pesto and vegetable pudding.

Day 2 – Eggs and Pastry: Shortcut pastry, Dough making, Quiche Lorraine and lemon cake. Eggs: poached, baked, omelettes, fried, savory and sweet soufflés.

Day 3 Cooking meat, recipes included: Lamb Tagine, roast beef, Grilled Entrecôte steak in wine sauce.

Day 4 – Cooking fish, recipes included: poached salmon with lime sauce, Breaded gilt head bream with green sauce, baked sea bass with Mango and spicy sauce, Thai style mussels.

Day 5 – Bread and Pastry recipes included: Seed bread, apple pie, chocolate muffins, carrot cake with orange cream.

At the end of the day you’ll take the food home.

cocina para principiantes

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cocina para principiantes