apple carving

The carving of fruits and vegetables is an Eastern technique. This art of vegetable carving is reminiscent of Ikebana (the famous Japanese floral art) due to the fruit and vegetables adopting the forms of flowers. The cuts are made with very thin knives, chisels and other special tools, thus achieving delicacy and accuracy all at once.
In Thailand, where the decoration of the table is as important as the dishes themselves, we usually find carved floral motifs, in China and Japan animals like dragons, fish and birds and even messages or ideograms are represented. The way to cut varies with the texture of the vegetable or fruit.
Based on my knowledge and experience in the arts and gastronomy, I have found a way to combine these two passions developing my own style in this area of decoration.
My concept of education therefore is focused on knowledge of the different techniques that can be used creatively with edible materials in order to achieve both shapes and colors dwelling side by side with aromas and flavors.